Swing Trade Ideas for December 2020 ( US Stocks )

Let's discuss some swing trade ideas for December 2020 which i think can perform well.
Please note that these are for educational purposes only and should not be taken as a trading or investment advice.

The first once which i would like to discuss is Calix.

This is the Weekly Chart of Calix.

As you guys can see, this gave a breakout from the marked level and now it gave a retest and closed near the week's high. This kind of pattern has a high success ratio according to me and i think it has the potential to reach life highs and beyond till it is trading above this marked area. 

Let's check it's Daily Chart too for better understanding it.

Over here we can see that it has already given 3 touch points in the same support level which shows that this support is really strong now and looks ready for a bounce.

Next stock which i want to discuss is JKS.

Let's check out it's Daily Chart first.

Here, in the daily chart we can see that it has been taking multiple supports and now is trying to break out of this triangle pattern. These kinds of patterns shows that stocks or any other instrument has been trying to consolidate and is getting ready for it's next move ( upwards in this case ).

Let's check out it's Hourly Chart now.

In the Hourly Chart, we can see that it formed a Cup and Handle formation and now it is trying to give a retest of the breakout. Once it does that and if we get a bullish candle near the support, it can continue it's upmove from there on, giving us a great opportunity to add there as the risk to reward ratio looks favourable there.

Next stock which we are going to look at is Unity Software.

Let's first see the Daily Chart for this too.

In the Daily Chart we can see that it has given a breakout from this rising channel. It is showing a lot of strength because these kinds of rising channels usually break down.

Let's check out the Hourly Chart for it now.

As we saw this is already bullish in a higher time frame, we can see that in Hourly too, it has gave a Runaway Gap and now is consolidating in a tight range and is infact now near the upper edge of the range. This also looks really bullish as per these charts. 

I hope you got something new to learn from this article. Don't forget to give a feedback about this article in the comments section below.

Charts are used from TrendSpider website.


  1. Simple and easy to understand - thank you so much!

  2. Is JKS also forming W pattern on daily time frame. Though as of now it has broken support level of 69.89 on hourly basis

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