Must Watch Stock Market Movies !

Since most of us are free these days in our homes due to Lock down, it's always a good idea to watch something which is relevant to our field of interest and provides entertainment along with it.
Presenting a list of must watch movies related to stock market and finance.

1. Bazaar 

This is Bollywood's latest take on stock market. It's a good movie overall and is about a small time stock market trader who is all excited to go to Mumbai and join one of the leading stock brokers of India , under the guidance of his role model. He has no clue that his life is going to be a roller coaster ride from there on.

2. Gafla 

This is a comparatively old movie and i really didn't liked it's editing and direction., but it's a good one time watch.  It's a story about a middle class man who tries his hand of stock market and eventually ends up into a huge scam.

3. Wolf of Wall Street

This is no doubt one of the best movies on Stock Market. Leonardo's acting is amazing in this one !
It is about the journey of a stock broker who made it big with his aggressive and persuasive nature but get's carried away with the wealth and lands himself into trouble.

4. The Big Short

This is another great movie which is made just like a thriller and explains the 2008 stock market crash. We can also learn about the complex concpets of credit default swaps in it and how the housing bubble created a ripple all around the globe !

5. Money Monster

This is a not so popular one but is a great watch ! George Clooney and Julia Roberts played their roles really well. It is about a common man who lost all his life savings by following a news reporter. The movie is about how he decides to take revenge from the TV host and finds about the dirty side of financial markets.

6. Boiler Room

This one Released in the year 2000 and is all about how companies pump and dump stocks for their own greed and what all goes behind the curtains. This movie is a work of fiction but these kinds of firms do exist and it really impacts the lives of the victims who fall prey to these kids of companies.

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