Multi - Time Frame Analysis | L&T Finance Holdings | 14th May 2020 |

Hello friends, i was just scanning through some charts and i found this one. I thought that it could be a good one to show you how to do Multi Time Frame Analysis. 

In this , we will basically go through all the major time frame charts, that are - Monthly, Weekly and Daily. We will notice at important levels in all these charts and finally try to take a deicision based on daily chart. 

Please note that this is only for educational purpose and i am not recommending this to anyone.

Please click on charts to zoom them.

So, let's start with the Monthly Chart first.

In this, you can notice that the 50 levels are acting as a long term support as earlier also it has taken support from the same level. When a stock retests the same support and makes a bullish candle over there, it is basically a good sign and the chances of that level being respected increases.  It would be even better if we cross last month's high.

Next we will look at the Weekly Chart.

Over here, we can see that it is also moving in this range and whenever it touched the support , it bounced and moved towards the upper trend line, or the resistance area as marked in the chart. 

Now we will go to the Daily Chart.

In the Daily Chart, we can see that it is moving in a triangle and the triangle is converging to a very narrow point and a breakout above this range can result into a good breakout.
The next levels are also marked in the chart as 80 and 90-95 levels. Please note that we have to wait for the breakout to enter the trade.

Disclaimer : This post is just for educational purpose and not a recommendation to buy or sell.
Charts are used from Chartink website. 

I have even made a video about multi time frame analysis. You can check that here : Multi - Time Frame Analysis of Manappuram